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Cookie Policy.


This policy relates to the website (Site) and is provided by Tratos Cavi spa, a company with registered office in Via Stadio, 2 Pieve Santo Stefano (AR) 52036 (“Tratos” or “Company“).

What are cookies and what are they for?

A cookie is a text file that a website visited by the user sends to their terminal (computer, mobile device such as smartphone or tablet), where it is stored before being sent back to that site during a subsequent visit to the site.


Cookies differ from one another:


– based on the person who installs them, depending on whether they are the same operator of the visited site (so-called “first-party cookies“) or a different subject (so-called “third-party cookies“)

– based on the purpose of each cookie: some cookies allow better browsing, memorising some user choices, for example the language (so-called “technical cookies“), other cookies allow the user’s browsing to be monitored also for the purpose of sending advertising and/or offering services in line with their preferences (so-called “profiling cookies“).

Only profiling cookies require the user’s consent prior to their use.


The Site uses first-party technical cookies and anonymous third-party profiling cookies.


Tratos is responsible, in its capacity as data controller, exclusively for the first-party cookies installed on the Site



  1. Cookies installed through the Site



Cookie Name Duration Purposes Description
_ga 2 years Analytics tracking cookies (Google
Analytics) used for
      the analysis of visits.
_gid 1 day Analytics tracking cookies (Google
Analytics) used for
      the analysis of visits.
      PHP native cookie
      and allows websites
      to memorise data
      on the status of the
      serialisation. It is
      used to establish
      a user session and
      to communicate data
PHPSESSID   Technical on the state through
  a temporary cookie,
      called session
      cookies. So
      the PHPSESSID cookie
      does not have a time
      limit, disappearing
      when the browser is
gat 1 day Analytics tracking cookies (Google
Analytics) used for
      the analysis of visits.





Additional information provided by Tratos


Tratos, as data controller, with reference to cookies installed directly from the Site, specifies the following:

– the data are collected only for the purposes and for the duration indicated in the tables above and are processed using computer methods;

– the use of technical cookies and cookies for the profiling of anonymised third parties does not require the prior consent of the user. In case of removal of technical cookies through browser settings, navigation within the Site may not be, in whole or in part, possible;

– the data collected from the first-party cookies may be communicated to subjects acting on behalf of Tratos as managers or processors, for purposes related to those described above.

With reference to third-party cookies, the purposes of these cookies, the logic underlying the related processing and the management of user preferences with respect to the cookies themselves are not determined and/or verified by Tratos but by the third party that provides them, in the role of supplier and data controller, as indicated in the tables above. However, regardless of the fact that Tratos believes that the user has validly given their consent to the installation of cookies, including those of third parties, Tratos undertakes to provide support to the user who requests to know how to exercise their consent/